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Concept iPhone Design: Macbook Style

February 5th, 2009
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How do you want your next iPhone served?  Cool new look like the new Macbooks? Better camera with flash and optical zooming?

Well, Gizmodo has released a concept iPhone 4G design along with imaginary specs. 

? Titanium and Glass.
? OLED screen
? 3G
? Front camera for iChat
? Removable battery
? 3.2 Megapixel camera
? Video
? 32 GB

These are just some of the fantasy features iPhone fans crave.  Throw in copy and paste and MMS to make this next generation concept iPhone design complete!

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iPhone Gmail Task List to Get You more Productive, Google Style!

February 3rd, 2009
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Who says Web apps are dead?  Google continues to drop quality iPhone web apps with the release of mobile Gmail Tasks.  Gmail Tasks is a useful Task List to help Gmail and iPhone users get things done.

To use iPhone Gmail Tasks, first go to the Gmail settings  page and activate ?Tasks?  under the ?Labs? tab.  Then go to on your iPhone Safari to log into your Google account and start punching out stuff to do.

It doesn?t end here.  You can Add Gmail Tasks Icon to your iPhone Home Screen for easy access.  Tap the + button on the bottom.  Then tap ?Add to Home Screen?   Click the blue ?add? button to the top right, and you will have a Google Task Icon at your disposal.  We recommend placing it in the original Home Screen so you can access it often and thus get stuff done!

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iPhone Gets Streaming Real Time Stock Quotes and Trading

January 20th, 2009
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iPhone users will no longer have to envy Blackberry users for mobile real time streaming stock quotes and trading. The iStockManager App brings real time stock streamer to the iPhone.  However, iStockManager currently only supports users with Ameritrade accounts. Thus to active real time quotes, users must have an Ameritrade account.

It is an essential iPhone app for those who want to keep a constant tab on their portfolio.  With the market making big movements up and down in the matter of minutes, the default Yahoo Stock App just doesn?t cut it. Apple investors and traders want to know what their stock is worth now, not the price 20 minutes ago!

The iStockManager is really a comprehensive mobile trading platform for the iPhone.  Not only does it provide streaming quotes and trading on Apple?s popular touch screen cell phone, it displays level 2 quotes.  If the investor is awarded Level II quote access by Ameritrade, Level II quotes allows traders to see the more details on buyer and seller information close to the current stock price.  Real time charts is also available to help investors and traders gain more insight on their investments.

Finally, real stock trading on this iPhone app is extremely simple.  On the top right of individual stock quotes and charts pages, there is a ?Trade Me? button.  When pressed, it brings the user to the trading interface with most the text boxes prefilled.  This page can also be accessed through the ?Trade? button on the bottom.  There is even a streaming quote on the top in the trading interface for traders to keep a close tap on the stock price while entering orders.  After entering the orders, just click on place order, enter your password, and the trade is ready to be active in the open market.

The iStockManager is a must have for investors.  It should replace the native Stock App that came with the iPhone.  Who needs delayed quotes when they can get real time quotes with a touch of the finger!

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Apple Allows 3rd Party Browser Apps!

January 16th, 2009
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During the past 24 hours, Apple has approved 4 browser enhancement apps.  These apps modify the existing Safari, adding new functions such as  better privacy protection and external link organization for easier browsing.  The following are the current browser enhancement apps just released in the Apps store:

  • Incognito ($1.99)-  iPhone users can now browse without leaving a history of any kind.  Great for those iPhone porn site addicts.
  • Edge Browser (Free)-  No loss of precious screen space to the address or navigation bars.
  • Shaking Web ($1.99)-  Having you ever tried to surf the web on your iPhone in the car or on the bus?  The screens shakes and probably makes you feel sick.  Shaking Web promises to make you surf happier while your hand shakes!
  •   Webmate:  Tabbed Browser ($0.99) - Web Mate simplifies browsing by queuing up all the links you click on, then allowing you to view them one by one when you’re ready.

Granted, the appearance  of these browser apps does not necessarily means an Opera or Firefox browser for the iPhone will soon be approved by Apple.  But it is a sign that Apple is loosening their grip on browser related apps.  The once untouchable mobile Safari can now be twicked and modified.  We are sure moving in the right direction for innovation and better mobile web browsing on the iPhone.  Now, can someone just add the Flash support?    

Via Mac Rumors

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iPhone has near 50% of US Web Share.

January 14th, 2009
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Ad Mob, using data collected from over 6000 publishers on thousands of mobile websites, reported surprising data on December mobile phone operating system share.  Newest data show iPhone?s web presence is approaching half all of smart phone?s combined. 

The high internet usage for iPhone is expected as people actually use their iPhone to surf the web even when they are at home.  Just look at the high percentage of iPhone users using their Wi-Fi connection when they?ve already got 3G.  Furthermore, it seemed Apple has made the iPhone Safari more stable.  Those iPhone Safari crashes are occurring at a far lower rate than they used to be. 

Worldwide,  Simbian OS still rules as Simbian dominates Asia and Africa at 90% market share there.  But iPhone is grabbing a bigger piece of the global market share by coming in second at 32%.  With more and more people in the world using iPhone as a internet device, isn?t it time for Apple to add Flash to the iPhone?

Via Ad Mobs

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iTunes Goes 3G, Edge, and DRM-Free!

January 8th, 2009
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Apple made big announcements at Macworld on Tuesday for its iTunes service. Peviously only available through a Wi-Fi network, now iPhone users anywhere can download DRM-free songs anywhere with 3G or Edge signal. It is great news for people on long road trips. Want to hear that song on radio again? Just use your Shazaam iPhone app to figure out the song title and download it to your iPhone so you can listen to it over and over again. Got tired of the same music? Get new songs on iTunes right in your car in the middle of no where.

Apple apparently have reached a resolution with AT&T and many other carriers around the world to make 3G iTunes a reality. Without doubt, more iPhone users will download more songs from iTunes as result of the new convenience.

DRM free songs is also a big change for Apple. DRM-free is the trend in digital music. Who would want their music to be restricted to one or two devices when they just want to move their purchased music to all of their media devices at home.

However, with DRM free songs, Apple had to change the pricing structure for their music downloads. The new pricing structure consists of three tiers: 69 cents, 99 cents, and $1.29, with newer songs cost 30% more than the previous set price of 99 cents.

Today is a big win for Apple and iPhone users against telecom carriers and music labels. It makes enjoying music more convenient and simple. It also bring iPhone closer to the ultimate mobile device!

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Live TV on iPhone via 1-Seg WiFi Tuner now Available in Japan

January 6th, 2009
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Japan can now watch live TV on their iPhone. 1-Seg WiFi tuner released by Softbank pulls in TV signal, then transmits signal to the iPhone via Wi-Fi. Thus being around a Wi-Fi network is a must when using this accessory. Although the tuner doubles as a battery charger, it appears the device battery drainer. DVICE reports that they were only able to get 1 hour of viewing time with the Tuner-iPhone combination. Perhaps a patch may fix this in the future?

Despite these inconveniences, the Wi-Fi tuner displays crystal clear picture and sound to the iPhone. That is doing better than a lot of other TV phones in Japan which displays crappy pictures. The software setup is also a breeze. So if you live in Japan and needs TV on your iPhone, shell out 9,850 yen ($108 USD) and enjoy your portable live TV.


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Check the iPhone 3G Unlock Feedback from around the World

January 6th, 2009
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Yellowsn0w unlock feedback from folks around the world is available for all to read. It is nicely organized in table form to identify the carrier, country, and the user’s success or failure at unlocking the iPhone. If you can’t unlock your iPhone in Afghanistan, check how your fellow iPhone user there was able to accomplish this feat. The feedback page is a valuable source for both the iPhone user and the Dev Team. User feedback may include information on carrier type, where the iPhone 3G was originally purchased, and unlocking steps users took to unlock the device. For a detail tutorial on unlocking your iPhone, check out this page.

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Cable TV Coming to an iPhone you already Own

January 6th, 2009
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Don’t be jealous that the Japanese can watch TV on their iPhones. In the near future, Sling Media will release an iPhone app that will allow your iPhone to stream live TV from exisiting home cable TV’s and Tivos from anywhere that has Wifi or 3G network. You can even manage your DVR with the Sling Player mobile app. Hopefully when the application finally gets approved by Apple, high quality cable TV can be enjoyed anywhere. Who knows, you may just have to watch that favorite wrestling show of yours during a company meeting!

Via Cnet

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Serving Beer with your iPhone Now a Reality

January 6th, 2009
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Still have that virtual Beer app on your iPhone? Now virtual beer pouring can be translated to real life application. The folks at Instructables demonstrated and published a step-by-step tutorial to pouring beer into a mug using an apparatus controlled by the iPhone.  The demonstration wasn’t a complete success though.  There are lots of bubbles from the poured beer which makes it difficult to drink.  But it is possible that with more detailed programming to control the accelerometer and adjusting positions of the apparatus, a perfect beer can be served by the iPhone. A demonstration video is shown below.

Via Instructables

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