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Hard Copy: How To Print Photos Wirelessly From Your iPhone

February 6th, 2009

You’ve probably noticed by now that your iPhone doesn’t come with a big honkin’ parallel port jack.  Or an admittedly smaller serial jack.  Or a USB port.  Or…aw, you get the picture (pun intended) — there’s no hardware solution for printing your camerawork directly from your handset.

So who needs wires?  These wireless printing apps sure don’t!

From Sudobility (the Night.Camera people) comes Air.Photo, a client-server solution that’s hardware-independent.  Buy the US$2.99 app from iTunes, download the PC (XP 32-bit or Vista32/64-bit) or Mac (10.5 Leopard) server software, and start bangin’ those prints out.  Air.Photo auto-rotates your image, and lets you pick between cropping to size or “letterboxing” your original image.  One caveat: Air.Photo only prints photos, not web pages or documents.

Of course, when you talk printers, you have to talk Hewlett-Packard.  By a funny coincidence, HP offers iPrint Photo, a free app that’ll talk to most HP networked ink jet printers connected to a local WiFi network.  Like Air.Photo, it only prints photo files; unlike Air.Photo, it also only prints 4″x6″-sized photos, no cropping or letterboxing.

EuroSmartz’s Print, on the third hand, actually beats both Air.Print and iPrint Photo in that it can print web pages and contacts, as well as images — and their “Print and Share” app ups the ante by including emails and stored files — PLUS  it also shares files from your desktop computer.  Like Air.Print, it requires a server program running on your PC or MAC.  Print only costs US$2.99 from the App Store, while Print and Share’s added functionality will set you back a full sawbuck.

Printer cables?  We don’t need no steenking printer cables!

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